Behaviour centred designers
who make and transmit remarkable
systems, services and products.

Partnering with governments, corporates, start-ups
and not-for-profits around the world.

Explore our guiding principles

We want to have impact; to be meaningful and valuable to organisations, teams and users. We’re never comfortable with good enough and push our partners to be the best that they can be. This is hard; we face political, technical and structural challenges everyday, but we’re seasoned advocates who work through these with grace.

We work with partners, not for them. Our success comes from relationships built upon shared goals, values and never shying away from tough conversations. Our love and passion for what we do is infectious, our only agenda is shared success.

We are a lean team, made up of the best behavioural designers in the world. We don’t have project or account managers. Our designers use their experience and intuition to maintain pace whilst considering all context. We constantly deliver value and don’t follow a process for the sake of it. We’re constantly iterating on how we design, to ensure we’re achieving the most value possible.

Great design makes sense of chaos and complexity by organising and translating interconnected and interdependent components into simple systems. At Neo, every feature, element and action must earn its place within the design. We call this ‘editing ruthlessly’. This doesn’t mean that our designs don’t sparkle – it means they sparkle for the right reasons.

Change requires an alternative direction, this direction is sometimes simple to achieve and often tough. It’s our job to believe that our partners and their systems, services and products can be better. We never take how we got here as a given for how we’ll work tomorrow and truly believe that impossible perceptions are usually wrapped in fear.

Every Neo is a trained behavioural designer with an unapologetic commitment to their craft. Each and every output is as good as it can be (within agreed constraints). This doesn’t just mean that our work looks amazing (which it does), it means that everything we design works, beautifully.

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