Neo works across the world with corporates,
governments, not-for-profits, and start-ups.
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Harriet Wakelam


Human Centred Design

We have worked with Neo across multiple areas of our business for the past two years. They strike the perfect balance between brave, innovative thinking and practical outcomes. They understand how business works and the need to provide immediate next steps and practical options that can be implemented alongside transformational thinking. They consistently deliver unexpected value.

Graeme Swift

Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade

Passport Services

Neo are a breath of fresh air. Their strategic thinking, vision and passion for great design is infectious. They have helped us to better understand how to improve and simplify the experience between Australians and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Andrew Smith


Former Director,
Customer Experience

The first thing you’ll notice about Neo is their purpose and philosophy. Compared to any other partner I’ve worked with, Neo genuinely want to do good for your customers and change the world. Their ambition is more than matched by their capabilities. I’ve never seen a team get into our business and understand the true need (not just the one we thought we had), then help us design a solution that delivers exceptional outcomes for customers.

Casper Urhammer

Contiki Holidays

Former CEO

Neo are a unique design company and one that we’re very proud of working with. They understand commercial realities and balance these against user needs. Neo helped us to see product, business and market opportunities across our global markets in a completely different way and as a result changed Contiki’s perception on some of our business challenges and how to turn these into commercial opportunities. If your business and/or problem can capture Neo’s attention, don’t hesitate to work with them, you won’t regret it.

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